Let Modern Tortilla Cater Your Wedding Party or Reception

There will be a lot of special days in your life: the day you were born (although you won’t remember that one!), your first day of school, your last day of school, and the day you say I do to our favorite human. While every event can be a wonderful one, it is only the last one that will change your life forever. The party that accompanies your wedding day should shine as brightly as your love does, and although there are many details that go along with planning your reception, we can help you mark off at least one item from your to do list, that of choosing the caterer. This guide to all the reasons you should let Modern Tortilla cater your wedding party or reception is just our way of showing you all we can to do to help on the most beautiful and important day of your life.

Kick Up the Heat

The fire between you and your betrothed will be kicked up a notch when you choose Modern Tortilla for your catering needs, providing a taste of home to all who support you on this wonderful day. Offering the favorite foods you, as a native desert dweller, were brought up on, our tacos, quesadillas, and burritos will enhance the flavor of your love, and your guests will love you even more for keeping the celebration casual. Good food doesn’t have to be small in portion size or made with overpriced ingredients, and because the strongest marriages are built on tradition and fun, our tacos will fit right in—plus our reasonable catering costs will leave you more money to spend on a honeymoon you will never forget!

Every Wedding Is Different

There is no other couple like yours, and your day should reflect who you are, and in a world of cold cuts, you are proud to call yourselves tacos, so why not step outside the wedding catering box and serve the food that has always brought you comfort and joy? Celebrate your special day with a foundation of friendship, family, and the food that makes you smile most. Give us a call today at (602) 848-8823 and discover what our food trucks and carts can bring to your celebration of love and forever.


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