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As summer approaches quickly, the end of the year checklist grows ever longer, and as you mark off each item from your list, the last and most important item may bring a tear to your eye. It’s graduation time and the apple of your eye, the light of your life, is about to enter that first stage of adulthood as he or she graduates from high school or even college. Are you ready? Is the cap and gown on its way, have the invites to the ceremony been sent out, and have the plans for the party been completed? We at Modern Tortilla can’t help with the first two matters, but we sure would like to help with the party, providing the food that everyone loves to devour with our Graduation catering!

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Time is Speeding By

As you glance over at your fledgling adult, watching as your really tall baby studies for finals or re-reads the acceptance letter from his or her first-choice college for the 11th time, you can’t be blamed for getting a little emotional and wishing that time would stop, just for a little while, because no one is ever ready for their child to leave the nest. But stopping time is just a fantasy and before you know it, there will be a ceremony, a diploma, and a moment when mortarboards fly into the air, signifying the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. And the party that you have been planning will be one remembered forever as friends, families, and the graduate of the day come together for music, laughter, and all the tacos they can devour! Food brings people together, even as they are destined to move apart, and here in the desert, it is tacos that speak to the heart! (Not to mention quesadillas, burritos, and those yummy crème filled churros that will be the secondary star of the party!) Every bite will be your favorite, even as the tears that fill your eyes that are watching every move your graduate makes overflow. This party will contain moments that you will remember forever and we at Modern Tortilla will be honored that you chose us to make these moments shine even brighter!

The Choice is Yours!

Every graduation party is different and we celebrate those differences with a variety of ways to enjoy our meals! From full-sized food trucks to taco carts, and from drop-off catering services to full catering services that offer chef attended stations, our food will make your graduation celebration sparkle as bright as the smile on your graduate’s face! Fill out the form on the side of our Graduation catering page or give us a call today and let’s make this party one you will never forget!

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