Memorial Day 2021 Catering from Modern Tortilla

The arrival of Memorial Day is definitely good news, bad news situation as you realize that you have another three-day weekend coming up, (good news) but the realization that you are basically halfway through the new year and you do not know where the time went is frightening (bad news)! Being able to have a gathering after a year of self-quarantining is good news; having a menu they will all love is the best news of all! Modern Tortilla can handle all the work, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

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The Memorial Day You Will Never Forget

2020 was a year we would love to forget, but we have moved on to 2021 and this year’s celebrations are guaranteed to be unforgettable as you and your friends and family get together in all the ways you could not last year! Because every day should be Taco Tuesday, we think our build your own taco bar would be the perfect accompaniment to your All-American party! Build your dream taco, mixing and matching meats willy-nilly, adding more cheese on this taco, less cheese on another, and when you finally declare that your creation is perfect, that first bite will have your taste buds clapping wildly! Put on your newest swimsuit, turn up the music, and pay homage to those who have sacrificed everything for our country with a party that you will never forget. The perfect Arizona weather, the smell of spicy tacos, and the company of those you love are just three of the reasons your party will never be forgotten as your world slowly works its way back to the normal we all desperately miss.

Our Catering Makes It Easy

You’ve spent enough time in your kitchen over the last 12 months to understand that you just aren’t up for a marathon cooking session, no matter how much you love your friends! Our Modern Tortilla catering services, however, will make it easy, allowing you to enjoy the party without having to work too hard at it. Give us a call or fill out the form on our page today!

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