Menu Spotlight: El Ranchero Food

Working as we do, we develop a close relationship with the items on our menus, aspiring to make each dish taste as good to our guests as they do to us. We tweak a little here, add a pinch of something special there, and only when everyone agrees it is absolutely perfect does it make its way to a place of honor on our menu. And because we want you to get to know these meals as well as we do, we want to give you the behind the scenes details that will make you appreciate our foods even more. Take a look below at what goes into making the El Ranchero food!

Not to Be Confused with a Popular Netflix Series

To be specific, El Ranchero is a taco on our regular menu, perfect for adding a spicy treat to Taco Tuesday or any other day of the week you feel the need for tacos; there’s no need to limit your taco enjoyment to just one day of the week! As always, every item on our menu is created from fresh and local ingredients whenever possible, and this particular combination of ingredients has proven to be a very popular one!

Our El Ranchero meal is a hearty dish, coming with two tacos made with beef steak that has been marinated for 24 hours, topped with white onions, chipotle salsa, shredded cheddar cheese, lime crema, and a spicy jalapeño on the side. Cut the jalapeño into pieces and add it to your tacos, or if you love the heat, it tastes great all by itself! Taco traditionalists may be wondering about the lettuce, but never fear, it comes on the side, allowing diners to add it to the tacos if they wish!

Finally, because we don’t believe in the whole less is more theory when it comes to food, the El Ranchero meal doesn’t just come with two tacos; there is also a choice of one side included! Spanish rice is a popular side choice but the chips and fire roasted salsa we offer should not be overlooked. As every Mexican food fan knows, chips and salsa are what makes our days shine even brighter!

Every Bite is Better than the Last

We love food and it shows in our meals that we love to share with the hungry diners who flock to our food truck each day! Our food truck can be found all over the valley, so when the lunchtime hunger pangs strike, seek us out and discover what so many already know: Our food is really delicious! Check out our gallery today!


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