Menu Spotlight: Flew the Coop

If you have ever felt the pressure of making a snap decision on the meal you want from your favorite food truck (hopefully our Modern Tortilla trucks!), we feel your pain. The people standing behind you waiting for their turn to order and eat before they have to get back to work and the internal battle you feel when faced with the menu and the great options it features can make deciding ever harder! This stressful situation happens daily on the roads of the valley we live in, and because we care, this menu spotlight is for you! We’re here to share with you the details about our Phoenix taco menu items, allowing you to choose what you want BEFORE you get to the truck, and this time our in-depth expo is all about our Flew the Coop taco.

Skip the Beef

When you think of your standard taco, chances are ground beef is what comes to mind first, or for diners with a little more exotic tastes, fish tacos, and while both are excellent choices, sometimes you need a little change—a taste of something fowl, if you will! Yes, the Flew the Coop taco is a chicken tinga filled delicacy that is fast becoming one of our Modern Tortilla faves, and once you get your first taste, we have a feeling it will become one of your Phoenix taco favorites as well!

Starting with our cilantro lime corn tortilla (the basic corn tortilla has its place on the menu, but just doesn’t work with the exotic blend here), we create a chicken tinga that resembles the flavors of your youth but with a little more pizazz. Blending chicken with cinnamon, tomatillos, chipotle, and roasted bell peppers which have simmered together long enough to create a flavor explosion in your mouth, we finish it off with a spicy salsa verde takes this delicious taco to the next level of awesome! As you’ve come to expect, the ingredients in all our tacos, not just the Flew the Coop, are fresh, locally sourced, and grade A. Eating Mexican doesn’t have to mean unhealthy, and our Modern Tortilla food truck menu is all the proof you need!

Now That Your Decision Has Been Made

The choice is easy: Follow our food trucks and make your next meal healthy and delicious! You can find us in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, or in your own backyard when you take advantage of our catering services. Hope to see you soon!


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