Modern Tortilla Has Meals Enjoyed By All Ages

The joy of an excellent meal should be experienced by diners of all ages and when you choose Modern Tortilla for your meal extraordinaire, it will be so! Offering a menu filled with spicy delights and gooey treats, a lot of thought goes into creating dishes that will be appreciated by even the tiniest tasters and if you haven’t given us a try yet, what better time to do so than during summer vacation? Schools out for the year and the kiddos are looking for ways to spend their precious vacation hours, so why not follow our food truck, perhaps bringing grandma along for the ride to test our theory! Modern Tortilla really does have meals that will be enjoyed by all ages, a meal with us will be a spicy complement to your summer break!

Skip the Grilled Cheese

When we were kids, a grilled cheese sandwich was our sick meal, our comfort food, and our answer to many whiny queries of what’s for lunch and yes, we loved that sandwich. Today, however, Modern Tortilla takes gooey cheese to the next level of perfection with our chicken fajita quesadilla, stuffed tightly with cheddar cheese, chicken tinga, and veggies that moms all over the world have heretofore tried to convince their kids are tasty! Today is the day your kiddo will actually devour their lunch, veggies and all, simply because you upped the spice factor of their midday meal!

The Coolest Grandmas

Today’s grandmas are nothing like the ones of our youth. Young, hip, and concerned about the world, your grandma was cool before and will be cool for years to come and if her concerns lean towards not eating a food that once had a mama, our veggie tacos will feed her soul while allaying her concerns over any poor creature’s mother! Filled with sweet potatoes, onions, roasted corn and red peppers, don’t be surprised if the grandkids try to steal more than their fair share of bites!

And Everyone in Between!

There is no age limit for falling in love with the delicious flavors offered by Modern Tortilla and when  you taste their menu, you may not want to eat anywhere else ever again, no matter what your age! Devouring a southwest steak burrito on a lazy Saturday or discovering that Taco Tuesday should be renamed Taco Every Day of the Week is guaranteed to be your newest obsession. Stop by today and order your favorite meal!


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