Most Underrated Food Items At Modern Tortilla You Should Try

We all have our favorite Modern Tortilla dishes that, even as we come back again and again and we promise that we will order something different this time, we continually fall back on the flavor that makes us feel fantastic. For some of you it’s the chicken tinga tacos that make your taste buds sing, for others its our southwest steak burrito, loaded with steak, veggies, and cheese that makes your heart skip a beat and while we appreciate your favorites, lately we have realized that there are some of our menu items that just aren’t receiving the love they deserve! Everything we serve is delicious and we truly understand that feeling that you have to feed your craving, but today we thought we would take a few minutes of your time to talk about some of the other dishes, ones that are equally tasted, but somewhat underrated, according to our studies of what sells!

Your Newest Obsessions

Our veggie tacos, while popular with the vegetarian crowd, doesn’t seem to get as much notice by the carnivores in our midst and we think this is a big mistake! Equally hearty and chock-filled with a kaleidoscope of flavors you will never tire of the sweet potatoes that make up the “protein” portion of the dish. They will become your newest obsession!

If you aren’t sure that the veggie taco will be enough to conquer your hunger, that’s ok, you can always counter with the carne tacos for your second choice! Another less chosen but so very delicious option is our chicken fajita quesadilla, created with a spinach tortilla, chicken tinga, grilled peppers, and cheddar cheese, this hearty creation is not your grandchildren’s quesadilla!

Bursting with flavor and providing a hearty companion to go along with the chips and salsa that are a part of every dish we offer, your escape to Modern Tortilla will be filled with flavor and fun and have you coming back even more, because if this is so good, what about all the other items you haven’t tried?

Yes, we can guarantee that assuming you have no allergies, EVERY item on our menu is going to be your favorite, including the items that we have previously considered underrated!

Taste the Adventure

Life is too short to eat the same foods; stop by one of our food trucks today and explore all the options on our menu.


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