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Strawberry Taco Truck

Strawberry Taco Truck

When it comes to finding the perfect addition to your special event, look no further than having it catered with our taco truck. Modern Tortilla has been around for years in the Phoenix Valley, serving up incredible Mexican food with a unique twist. Our food truck has primarily been featured in Phoenix, but we have recently expanded our catering services to assist those in northern Arizona. Specifically, our taco truck services are now available for those looking for a Strawberry catering service that will set up their event for success. Take a look at how our taco truck services can elevate your Strawberry special event:

Taco Truck Services

Why handle all of the food yourself when you have much more to plan around for your special event? Seriously, let us make it easy for you by taking care of all your food needs. Our taco truck can come up from Phoenix to host your Strawberry event. All that is needed is space for the truck to set up and prepare our unique twist on Mexican cuisine. The entire food truck menu will be available for you to choose from, including our delicious tacos that are easy to eat and enjoy. Your guests can place their order whenever they get hungry so you can focus on other parts of your event.

Full Food Truck Menu Is Available

Some places to eat in Strawberry, AZ only give you a specific selection to choose from for your special event. That can make it difficult when we all know everyone has different tastes and preferences. Instead, choose our taco truck to have a delicious selection of Mexican food available for your event. The entire food truck menu is available for you to choose from, including our incredible street tacos. These items include delicious options such as 24-hour marinated steak, chicken tinga, and slow braised pork. We make each of our salsas in house for a fresh and tasty experience. Make sure to order a side or two of our Spanish rice or fire roasted salsa to make it a full meal. There is no bad way to enjoy our taco truck!

Modern Tortilla Is Ready

As you can see, our taco truck Strawberry catering services can provide you with an incredible experience for your next Strawberry special event. Book our catering service today and see how our delicious food will elevate your guests’ experience.


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