Ring In The AZ New Year With A Meal At Modern Tortilla

The holiday season can be a stressful one, but the end is in sight. It is time for the swan song of 2023 and all that is required of desert dwellers in the Valley of the Sun is to relax, drink champagne, and, although this next item isn’t a requirement but more of a suggestion, ringing in the AZ new year with a deliciously spicy meal from Modern Tortilla. Take a break from your busy Christmas shopping, cleaning, and cooking itinerary and learn all the reasons that a meal at Modern Tortilla will be the best way to welcome 2024.

No Expectations

The new year stretches before you, a blank slate just waiting to be filled, and on this, the last day of 2023, all that is left to do is to make a few resolutions and celebrate with the rest of the world. Unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are no expectations on what you should do or what you need to do and as you count down the seconds to midnight, 2024 begins with high hopes and beautiful optimism and we at Modern Tortilla hope that we can be there to watch it all take form. And whether you have big plans to hit all the hot spots in Phoenix, partying until the countdown to midnight has come to its natural conclusion, or you are planning on staying home and watching the big crystal ball drop on Times Square in the comfort of your home and in your jammies, a good meal will still be needed with Modern Tortilla providing all the delicious meals you grew up on. Tacos, burritos, even quesadillas that are created so that adults will love them too, you may be wondering how anything bad can happen in 2024 when you start out the year with a taste of all we have to offer.

Happy AZ New Year from Modern Tortilla

2023 has been an interesting year, not as bad as some and not as good as others, but without you, it would have been a year we would like to forget. We at Modern Tortilla wish our guests who have become family, the happiest of new years and we hope that we can help your celebration be one you never forget, leading into a year that will be filled with love, happiness and everything good!


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