Stay Warm with a Hot and Fresh Meal from Modern Tortilla

This morning, an unusual thing happened to some of us at Modern Tortilla. We woke up as normal, went about our morning business pretty much the same, and then, when we went outside, all semblance of normalcy ended. The sky was gray, wet stuff was falling to the ground, and our bodies began to shiver! Winter has arrived in the desert, and although we aren’t quite sure how we feel about this unusual season here in the Valley of the Sun, we are definitely more thankful than normal for the delicious, hot, and fresh meals we serve at Modern Tortilla. Designed to warm a body from the inside, the falling of the mercury could be seen as an excellent occurrence when enjoyed with a spicy Modern Tortilla taco!

It’s Basically Science

Desert dwellers are not used to cold weather, but if it means we get to eat more tacos, we’re all for it—especially if those tacos (and burritos, quesadillas and more) come from a Modern Tortilla food truck! Our passion is food, and it shows in every item we offer. From the traditional elote made with fresh and local corn on the cob to the sides of Spanish rice or chips and salsa, the flavors promise to delight. And in the winter, the spice and heat of your favorite dish can warm you from the inside out; it’s basically a very tasty form of science!

Cold fingers wrapped around our hot and fresh steak burritos created with a chili flour tortilla, carne asada, white onion, shredded cheddar, cilantro, lime crema, and fresh jalapeño will stop shaking. Chattering teeth will be distracted by the explosion of flavors in our El Ranchero tacos made with marinated beef skirt steak, white onions, cilantro, chipotle salsa, lime juice and wrapped in a savory homemade corn tortilla. How can you stay cold with all this spice and heat filling the empty spots in your stomach? Skip the scarf you would normally wrap around your neck to help avoid the breeze and sample an extra helping of chips and fire-roasted salsa. It has to keep you warm; it has fire right in its name!

A sweet crème filled churro is delicious no matter what the season, but it offers a little extra something in these dark days of winter. The warmth emanating from its sugary “body” and the sweet nectar of the crème inside these special treats adds warmth to your soul. Go ahead and take off the heavy coat; your Modern Tortilla dessert will warm you from the top of your head to the soles of your feet!

At Modern Tortilla We Are Where You Are

Follow our food trucks and stay warm this winter; it’s brutal out there for the thin blooded desert dwellers, but a tasty meal from Modern Tortilla can help warm you up—and fill you up too!


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