Stop by Modern Tortilla During Your AZ Black Friday Shopping!

Halloween passed by quickly, and we hope you enjoyed your visit with us before heading out with the kiddos for a night of costumes and candy! We also hope that you see how a break in the midst of all the chaos can help soothe your soul (and your aching feet!) and will consider stopping by again after the next big holiday on the schedule! The day after Thanksgiving, also known as AZ Black Friday, is known as the biggest shopping day of the year, and as you start making your plans on which stores you are going to conquer, just know that tacos are waiting to create a much needed and extremely delicious break in your day!

Cleanse Your Palate

Your Thanksgiving feast was definitely delicious, filled with all the comfort foods that make you happy, (and ready for a nap!) but it’s a new day now and your love for tacos, burritos, and everything Mexican is demanding that you feed the savage beast that has awakened as you extend energy finding the perfect gift for everyone you know! Spend a few hours exploring the vast landscape of Scottsdale Fashion Square and then hop in your car and head to one of food trucks to explore the deliciousness of a hot and spicy Modern Tortilla taco. Maybe your shopping expeditions are leading you to the warehouse stores that offer everything under the sun, including hot dogs and sodas for just over a buck. Those hot dogs sure do smell delicious, but you are always disappointed after, a feeling that never occurs when you visit Modern Tortilla! Every bite of every meal will be your favorite, and their hearty goodness will fill you up, giving you the strength and energy to get back out there and continue your quest! Finding something for your mother-in-law who buys everything she wants when she sees it is no easy task, but when your stomach is full of our Southwest Burrito plate, you will be energized and ready to continue the search for the best gift ever.

The Beauty of the Day

Black Friday shopping is always fun, but when is the last time you noticed what a beautiful day it is out there on the streets of Phoenix? You spend so much time finding the deals, you completely miss out on the blue skies and perfect temperatures, but if you stop by Modern Tortilla during your AZ Black Friday shopping, you will be able to take a few minutes to enjoy the perfect beauty of a November day in Phoenix. See you on the 25th!


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