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As we near the end of football season, football fans all over the nation are trying not to count the remaining days and are focusing on the positive: the biggest party of the year, the Super Bowl party they are going to throw for the biggest game of the season! Of course, along with the party comes the work as you start browsing for a new big-screen television, borrowing chairs from other rooms in the house (and from the neighbors), and start the preparations for the food you will be serving. It makes us tired just thinking of all the work you will have to do, and we are just sitting on the sidelines, which made us wonder if there was anything we could do to help our treasured customers. And then it came to us: We could cater your Super Bowl party with a super feast that everyone will love!

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You may never know the joy of making a touchdown in the Super Bowl, but when your guests are devouring a burger they built themselves or chowing down on a hot and spicy taco, the feeling you feel may come close! Costing just $299 for a burger or taco bar that will feed 15 to 18 guests, being able to relax and enjoy the game and the company of your guests is worth so much more! Cheer on your team in between bites of a big juicy burger topped with your favorite ingredients or mourn the fumble as our spicy taco gives you solace; there are worse things in life than losing a big game, and our tacos will help you see the brighter side! Win or lose, there is always tacos, burgers, and the friends you love. Do you really need anything else?

Making It Easy for You

Our Modern Tortilla food trucks make it easy for you to fill the empty spaces in your stomach, and we are continuing to do so with our Super Bowl party super feast! Submit your order by 3:00 PM on February 4th to ensure delivery by the big game; a delivery fee of $10 will be charged for customers who live within 15 miles of the 85020 area, but if you live outside the zone, it’s ok; it will just cost a little more to be delivered to your house. Submit your order today!

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