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Litchfield Park Taco Cart

Litchfield Park Taco Cart

It is perfectly fine to ask for help when it comes to planning a backyard get-together or small event. Planning for a special event can be a big ordeal no matter how big of an event you are throwing. With so many moving pieces, you will have your hands full. Let the professionals at Modern Tortilla help take the load by serving your special event some fresh and tasty tacos. Our Litchfield catering services include our taco cart that is easy to maneuver and supplies some of the best tacos in the Phoenix Valley. This special service is now available to the residents of Litchfield Park making it easier than ever to host your backyard party.

Best Mobile Cart for Tacos

As the name suggests, our taco cart service is a mobile taco cart that will be brought to your small-scale or backyard event. Our other catering services involve having a full-size food truck come out and create meals for your guests on the fly. Not all events need this much food or have the space for such a service. If your event falls in line with this, the mobile taco cart can be exactly what you need. In addition to the cart, this service also has one of our taco chefs come out too to prepare the food from the cart. It is easy enough for your guests to simply walk up and let the chef know what they want!

Plenty of Tasty Tacos with Litchfield Catering

While the mobile taco cart may be small in size it has plenty to offer inside for what kind of tacos can be prepared. Enjoy any of the three tacos we offer on our food truck menu. “Flew the Coop” is a local favorite featuring a rich chicken tinga and fresh toppings. Beef lovers will enjoy the El Ranchero that has 24-hour marinated steak. Last but certainly not least is the Modern Mayan with slow-braised pork and more. Of course, your tacos need a side too so pick between the Spanish rice and fire-roasted salsa with chips. All of this is available in our taco catering Phoenix, Arizona service available in Litchfield Park.

Get to Planning Today

There is no time like the present to start preparing for your taco cart needs by contacting Modern Tortilla. You will not believe the incredible service and selection of food this service can offer you.


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