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West Valley Taco Cart

West Valley Taco Cart

When it comes to a classic staple for food here in the Phoenix Valley, you cannot go wrong with a delicious taco. Mexican food can be found all over the Phoenix Valley but only the culinary geniuses at Modern Tortilla have perfected the unique twist on a taco. Seriously, you cannot go wrong with a good taco especially for a special event. If you are planning a unique event in your backyard or any type of smaller event you may need some help with catering. While a food truck may be too much, a taco cart can do the trick. Our taco cart catering Phoenix, AZ service is now available in the West Valley, ready to serve up tasty tacos and more for you.

Mobile Taco Cart Service

Just as the name implies, our taco cart service has one of our mobile taco carts come out to you in the West Valley. It can be difficult finding a catering service that will provide just the right amount of food. That is where our taco cart shows up, ready to serve you and your guests’ delicious tacos and sides. The cart is mobile and can move around your event. This service also has one of our taco chefs show up with it preparing each taco just as they would at our food truck. Your guests just need to let them know which taco and side suit them and they will take care of the rest!

Our Unique Take on Tacos

If you have yet to try our fresh and unique take on tacos you will be in for quite the treat. Our taco cart can prepare any of our three tacos currently on the food truck menu. This includes our El Ranchero that features a 24-hour marinated steak with fresh toppings. Our “Flew the Coop” includes a spicy chicken tinga that is a local favorite. Finally, the Modern Mayan has slow-braised pork that is just as delicious as the other offering. Of course, your meal is not complete until you add a side of Spanish rice or fire-roasted salsa and chips. All of this comes with our taco cart services only from Modern Tortilla.

Book Our Taco Cart Service Today

As you can see, our taco cart service is the perfect option for your West Valley event. Call today and schedule this exciting service for your next special event.


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