Throw a Birthday Bash with Modern Tortilla

A little birdie told us that a birthday is coming up for a certain spicy someone, and we would like to be the first to wish you the happiest of days, followed by an invitation to let us do the heavy lifting at your birthday fiesta! This is a day that should be all about you having the best time of your life as you are surrounded by friends and family all making YOU the center of attention; do you really want to spend any of that day hiding your light in the kitchen? We didn’t think so, which is why you really should consider hiring Modern Tortilla for the best birthday catering in the valley to help make your day shine even brighter.

Grab the Food Truck!


Feliz Cumpleaños or Happy Birthday!

It doesn’t matter how you pronounce it, your birthday should be all about you and how much fun you can have, and Modern Tortilla wants to be a part of that fun! This is the one day of the year where calories don’t matter, so go ahead and enjoy a taco and a burrito and finish up your birthday meal with the cake your family made you, the ice cream your friends brought you, and the crème-filled churros from our catering menu! Our house-made lemonade tastes like summer in a jar, so why not try your favorite lemonade as well, even if your birthday is in the middle of the winter! There are no rules for birthday boys and girls, aside from the one that states EVERYONE must celebrate you, so enjoy your tacos on any day of the week, not just on Taco Tuesday!

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Our drop off catering works well in any space, so even if your birthday is being held in a studio apartment, you can still eat up all the tacos you like and have room left over for more friends to drop by—but only if they bring gifts, of course! For celebrants with larger spaces, the options grow larger as well; choose from a fully catered event with serving stations or even one of our food trucks if you really want to impress everyone.


The Party You Will Never Forget!

As you mingle with your friends, dance with your loved ones, and devour all the delicious goodness that is Modern Tortilla, you will realize that getting older isn’t so bad when you get to celebrate like this! Give us a call today and let us help you prepare for the party you will never forget.

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