Try Our Modern Tortilla 4th of July Mexican Food for your Next Party!

It is difficult to believe but the year is half over and it is almost time to celebrate our favorite mid-summer holiday, one that we are even more excited about in 2022 because the 4th of July is on Monday giving most of us a bonus 3-day weekend and because after a dismal couple of pandemic years, organized fireworks are going to be exploding in the skies once again! The shows put on by our neighbors have always been entertaining, but oh how we have missed the big shows put on by the towns and cities that make up the Phoenix Metropolitan area! Even as you head out for a night of fireworks and fun, many happy Americans will be throwing pool parties to wish our nation the happiest of birthdays, and because it isn’t a party if you don’t have food, Modern Tortilla wants to join in the celebration with our 4th of July Mexican food menu!! 

Get Out of the Kitchen

Traditionally Americans gather in kitchens to create amazing potato salads and delicious desserts while the chief griller stands at the helm of their outdoor kitchen. A great tradition, yes, but we live in the desert, and do you really want to add more heat to the fire that is our lives right now? We thought not! Modern Tortilla provides a variety of ways to keep your guests fed and happy, including a taco cart or drop-off catering service for smaller locations or a full-sized food truck for those with all the necessary room! We even offer a more formal full catering service, if formality is what you crave, but for a holiday that celebrates our independence, the freedom to build your own tacos is definitely considered one of those inalienable rights we are always hearing about! If you’re wondering what a taco from our neighbors to the south has to do with America, however, we are here to tell you that Americans consume over 4 billion tacos every year and we can’t help but think you can’t get more American than that!  

A Taco in Every Hand

Many decades ago one of our Presidents promised a chicken in every pot but if he were alive today we definitely think he would amend that promise to a Taco in every hand, one promise that would surely bring a smile to every face! Wish the United States of America the Happiest of Birthdays with that same smile by choosing Modern Tortilla to cater your 4th of July festivities with our 4th of July Mexican food! 


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