We Offer More Than Just Tacos in Phoenix!

Taco Tuesday is many of our guests’ favorite day of the week; they love it so much they often celebrate it on other days of the week, happily finding their way to our gourmet food trucks! But what if your heart is craving more? What if tacos aren’t enough, but that south of the border taste is still something your hungry stomach is craving? Does that mean you have to go elsewhere to seek the bounty of Mexican food you desire? Of course not! Modern Tortilla offers more than just tacos in Phoenix; our menu is filled with plenty of flavor, tacos or otherwise!

Starting from the Beginning

A trip to a Mexican food restaurant, or in our case, a Mexican food truck, would not be authentic without chips and salsa, and our meals all come with the option of choosing between Spanish rice and chips and fire roasted salsa. We understand that for many people choosing between rice and chips could be akin to choosing between your children, but there’s no reason you can’t steal a bite or two of your coworker’s rice and share your chips with her as well! Our appetizer menu offers the same rice, as well as that traditional Mexican specialty, elote, and delicious chicken flautas served in a lightly fried tortilla, topped with shredded cheddar cheese, tomatillo salsa, and Mexican crema.

On the main menu, however, our selections of other popular choices include a variety of burritos, quesadillas, and a crème-filled churro that offers the perfect ending to another Modern Tortilla perfect meal! Bite down on a juicy steak burrito wrapped in a spicy chili flour tortilla and filled with carne asada, white onions, shredded cheddar, cilantro, lime crema, and fresh jalapenos, and listen to your taste buds sing a song of praise for the heat that accompanies this delicious dish! Or take the heat down a notch as you enjoy the flavors of our chicken fajita quesadilla. You’ll get your daily allotment of healthy veggies with the spinach tortilla, grilled peppers, and grilled onions, while your protein needs will be met with chili-rubbed chicken breast and all that gooey cheddar cheese!

If you don’t have time (or the room in your stomach!) for the aforementioned crème-filled churro, take one to go! The three o’clock slump will forever be remembered as the three o’clock churro break, and your productivity will rise!

We’re Cooking  Burritos and Tacos in Phoenix Everywhere You Are!

Stop by one of our food trucks today and satisfy your craving for burritos, quesadillas, and yes, tacos in Phoenix. No one cares if it’s Tuesday or not! Contact us today if you have any questions.


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