Welcome The Arizona Fall Season With A Meal At Modern Tortilla

Hold on a second, did you feel that? This morning when you opened your back door to let out the dogs, for just a second, a coolish breeze kissed your cheeks. And when the alarm went off at 5 AM, you woke up a little more befuddled than usual, sure that the alarm was a mistake as your room was darker than usual. And finally, when you turned the page on the calendar, the picture at the top was of pumpkins, full moons, and farm tractors. Yes, dear friends, fall is coming and although in the desert it may actually arrive a little later than it does for the rest of the world, we are all giddy with excitement to know that we have almost survived another summer of swelter! And today, as we hide a little less from that fiery golden orb in the sky, we think it is the perfect time to welcome the Arizona fall season with your favorite meal at Modern Tortilla!

Wanting to be Outside

We spend much of our summers cocooned in air-conditioned comfort, but as the heat dissipates, we all begin to head outside, sunglasses on to protect sensitive eyes from the brightness, ready to take up all the activities we ceased with the oncoming rise of the mercury. Maybe this morning you will actually walk to work or this evening you will bring a glass of wine to share with your hubs on the back porch after the sun sets. However you choose to spend the cooler moments of the Arizona fall season, a lunch of tacos and spice enjoyed outside our Modern Tortilla food trucks promises to be the highlight of the day! The crunchy goodness of that first bite, the cool sweetness of our house-made mason jar lemonades, and the sweet wonders of that crème-filled churro. Yes, all of these flavors can be enjoyed every season of the year but as we celebrate the beauty of a fall day in Phoenix, every delicious flavor seems to enhance the wonders of that day!

The Season we Love Most Teams up with the Tacos we Love Best!

As the days shorten, the air cools, and we find ourselves wanting to be outside more than ever, the best way to celebrate our favorite season is by enjoying tacos (burritos, quesadillas!) from Modern Tortilla. Follow our food trucks today and discover the spices that make the season even better!


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