While the Temperatures are Cooling, Enjoy Modern Tortilla as a Arizona Fall Picnic Meal!

We desert dwellers wait all year for the cooler months of fall and as Halloween grows even closer we can finally say THEY ARE HERE! After all the heat, the sunny days, even the muggy days of monsoon season we can sleep with our windows open, take the kids to the park while the sun is still shining, and enjoy a picnic without worrying about heat stroke! If you are as excited as we are (most Phoenicians are!) and are looking forward to a picnic in the park but aren’t willing to spend any time in the kitchen, our Modern Tortilla food trucks are willing to pick up where you left off in your search for Arizona fall fun!

The Taste of Tacos in the Fall

Although the leaves on the trees in the Phoenix area don’t start to turn until closer to Christmas, fall is still the perfect time to enjoy a spicy taco under the shade tree at your favorite park! And because the weather is so nice and we offer more than tacos, our burritos and quesadillas are the perfect handhelds to accompany another beautiful autumn day! Declare a mental health day and pick your kiddos up from school at lunch and share tacos and house-made lemonade mason jar lemonade as you discuss school, life, and the fact that it’s been too long since you enjoyed the attractions at Enchanted Island and since you are at Encanto Park devouring Modern Tortilla tacos, you might as well make a day of it! We all remember those days when our own moms or dads would unexpectedly pick us up from school and lead us off to a day of unexpected adventures your children will remember this equally well, perhaps following your lead with your grandchildren one day in the far-off future! And even if you wait until after school and decide on sodas and fun at the park closest to your house, the memories you create will be treasured for years to come, ensuring that you will retain the status of the top parent in your house!

The Joy of a Picnic

We’ve come a long way from the days when picnic baskets contained sandwiches and sodas and choosing to enjoy a beautiful picnic of tacos and burritos on a beautiful Arizona fall day in Phoenix is the best way to show how much we have evolved! Stop by today!


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