Your Kids Will Love a Back to School Arizona Meal at Modern Tortilla!

As you perform a silent happy dance in your bedroom on the morning of the first day of school, chances are your kiddos are humming a funeral dirge under their breath as they get out of bed way too early and start preparing for their day in prison, er, of course, we mean school! It is back-to-school time in the valley, even as the temperatures still tell us it is the heart of summer and while you may be happy with the structure and routine school brings to your life, your children are more than likely wishing for a few more days of laziness! We at Modern Tortilla can’t change the calendar or the schedule but we can bring some real smiles to their face when you seek out one of our food trucks for a delicious and yummy back-to-school Arizona meal, and if that isn’t reason enough to skip the kitchen duty in these beginning days of the school year, we have offered a few more reasons below!

The Free Grazing has Ceased

Your bank account may have winced at the grocery bills during the summer months but your growing children soon became to depend on the refrigerator that never seemed to empty. Now that it’s back to school time, however, they can’t grab a frozen burrito, an apple, or a yummy peanut butter bar whenever they want and when that final bell rings, we can promise they will be hungry, maybe more than a little hangry, and nothing calms the hangry faster than a spicy taco from Modern Tortilla. Inexpensive enough (especially as your grocery bill drops fast!) that you can let your favorite student pick a few of their faves, these quiet moments at the end of a school day may become a semi-regular tradition. It is easier to share stories of your day when you can concentrate on the flavors exploding in your mouth, rather than the concerned face of your mom, making a trip to Modern Tortilla the best way to keep up with your child’s life away from you!

Don’t Save it for a Tuesday!

Taco Tuesday is every day of the week when the Modern Tortilla food truck is in town, so skip lunch today and build up your own hunger for an after-school visit to our home of the tacos, burritos, and quesadillas! Stop by today!


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