Add Modern Tortilla to Your Arizona Easter Celebration!

As the year speeds by, we find ourself surprised by the realization that another holiday is on the horizon, one that we may not quite be ready for. The beginning months of 2023 have been crazy ones filled with work crises, school events, and the need for just another couple of hours in each day. You have always loved the holidays, enjoyed spending the time with family and friends, but the thought of all the chores involved may have you consider skipping the big day, which would be a tragedy, considering all that you would miss if you did! The colors, the joy on your children’s faces, the taste of chocolate bunnies, if only you had someone who could help you experience the day—oh, wait, you do! Modern Tortilla has been saving harried celebrants for many years and although a taco or burrito isn’t normally considered a standard part of the Arizona Easter feast, we think it may become a new family tradition.

It’s Different in the Desert

When you live in a climate that is hot more than its cold, and residents cocoon in the summer months rather than the winter months, it makes you a little different, and that’s ok. We measure the success of a meal by its ranking on the Scoville scale, and while the rest of the world may be eating ham, quiche, or even roast lamb for their Easter meal, we desert rats crave the spicy deliciousness of a perfectly prepared taco! And when you let Modern Tortilla bring the spice to the table, you can spend your spare minutes hiding eggs for the kiddos, making sure the pool is heated to the right temperature, and taking an extra nap after getting up so early for the sunrise service at church! Offering tacos, burritos, and quesadilla plates, all your favorite flavors will combine to create a holiday that is like no other, with our foods filling your belly as they feed your soul. But even as our foods are so delicious, don’t forget to save room for jelly beans, Peeps, and of course, the all important chocolate Easter Bunny, because some traditions are too important to be messed with!

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It’s not too late to give yourself a delicious break over the Arizona Easter holiday. Give us a call today and let’s work together to create a menu for which your family will be thankful!


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