Add Modern Tortilla To Your Arizona Labor Day Celebrations

Summer, in all its sticky, scorching splendor, has very much arrived in the Valley of the Sun and as we head North on weekends to try and find relief, plan vacations to all the coastal towns that are near us, and sit inside our air-conditioned homes waiting for fall, there is one upcoming event that we always feel compelled to celebrate. Labor Day, held the first Monday in September, is a holiday that pays homage to all hard-working Americans and by offering an extra paid day off, encourages relaxation, fun, and putting in minimum effort for maximum results! If you are planning a fiesta for Arizona Labor Day, however, it doesn’t mean you have to work harder, just work smarter and add Modern Tortilla to your holiday celebrations! We won’t clean your house for you or plan out your guest list, but we will provide delicious food that everyone will devour and you won’t have to turn on the oven in your kitchen to enjoy!

Tacos for the Win

While the rest of the world dedicates just 24 hours to the wonders of the taco, we in the Southwest have made it our all day, every day obsession, and we at Modern Tortilla like to think we have captured the essence of the taco. Choosing the taco to be the centerpiece of your festivities is a brilliant idea, but don’t forget, we also serve burritos and quesadillas, ensuring that every craving will be easily met! But it is the taco we are focusing on today, because even though this is an American holiday and the taco has its roots in the Latin culture, we Americans are obsessed with the tasty handheld that can be crunchy or soft and statistics show that it is rapidly outpacing our love of sandwiches! So order up our build-your-own tacos, in cart or drop-off form, and watch your guests devour every crumb, reveling at that moment when they take the first bite of their creations. You will be able to see the ecstasy on their faces when their eyes close (better to concentrate on the kaleidoscope of flavors) and moans of sheer joy escape! That’s such a satisfying feeling, knowing that it was your smart decision to cater Modern Tortilla that brought these perfect moments of taste sensations!

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