Book Our Taco Cart for Your Wedding

We have learned a lot of things in all our years of catering, including the simple fact that the holiday season is also the biggest wedding season of the year! Coming in second only to the month of June—every bride wants to be a June bride—Christmas and New Year’s weddings are the second and third most popular times to get married. Sharing the joy at Christmas and starting the new year with a new life as a married couple are excellent reasons to jump on the wedding bandwagon, and if you, like many other young couples, are ready to mark one thing off your endless to do list, we suggest you start with booking our taco cart for your special day!

Better Than Tacos?

There is something wonderful about watching a couple in love stand before their friends and family and vow to love each other for eternity. And as much as we love our tacos here at Modern Tortilla, we would have to say that love is even better than our tacos—but that does not mean you should skip the tacos! Book our taco cart and discover how the perfect food can enhance the perfect day. Watch your friends laugh as they choose their favorite toppings and check out the smiles on your guests’ faces as they share a plate of tacos. Love, friendship, and tacos make the sun shine brighter, and when you combine all three, you get the trifecta of perfection, topped with a spicy hot sauce to boot!

Driving Off into the Sunset, Tacos in Hand

Tacos are the ultimate in hand foods, offering a world of flavors in a single bite. When you hold your favorite taco in one hand and the hand of your true love in the other, your future as a couple is practically guaranteed to be a success! Give us a call today and see how simple it is to love, honor, and share your tacos when you book a Modern Tortilla taco cart for your special day. And forgive us if we get a touch emotional; nothing makes us happier than seeing young lovers eat our delicious tacos!


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