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Build Your Own Taco Cart for Parties

Build Your Own Taco Cart for Parties

Phoenix is quite the hotspot for southwestern cuisine. Around every corner, you can find a different establishment celebrating this food in a slightly different way. One of the most unique combinations of modern cooking techniques with classic recipes can be found at Modern Tortilla, one of the most celebrated mobile food truck eateries in the city. We blend casual experience with some of the highest quality food you will find anywhere. The result is one of the best southwest cuisines in the city.

The Best Way to Eat

The great thing about this build your own taco cart for parties is you can be sure you will love the end result. As each taco is completely catered to your tastes, you know you will be getting something you will enjoy. Not to mention the ingredients with which these tacos are prepared are second to none in the city. Throughout the process of creating your tacos, you will find options in every aspect of the taco from the tortilla to the toppings.

Start with our made from scratch corn tortillas or cilantro-infused tortillas. Then comes a decision between four different types of meat. There is no wrong decision here, as you can never go wrong with slow-braised pork, 24 hour marinated skirt steak, tinga chicken, and more. At this point, you really get to make the taco your own when choosing between 21 unique toppings. Go with a tried and true classic like fresh avocado or try something bold like pickled mustard seeds. And nothing complements a build your own taco bar quite like delicious appetizers like elote or an amazing dessert in crème filled churros.

Great Mobile Food Truck Service with Modern Tortilla

The great service here starts with a smile and extends to unparalleled attention to detail when it comes to making your visit as enjoyable as possible. The build-your-own taco cart for parties is a great example of our philosophy in providing the utmost variety to each of our guests. We are so committed to this that we guarantee there is something for everyone at Modern Tortilla. This taco bar is great for so many people but there is much more to enjoy in a visit here.

For both the amazing service and the delicious food, you cannot find a better option for lunch or dinner than Modern Tortilla, whether you are visiting the mobile food truck or the taco stand, you are sure to love your experience at Modern Tortilla and the build your own taco bar.


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