Full Service Taco Truck Catering for Parties

Full Service Taco Truck Catering for Parties

Regardless of what type of event you are planning, the food will likely bring the whole thing together. Food that is just so-so will not do much to make the festivities better, but the perfect food can take your event over the top. We all have experienced food’s uncanny ability to improve the mood significantly, and that is what we at Modern Tortilla provide with our full-service taco truck catering for parties. Look into our full-service catering options and discover one of the best food trucks in Phoenix for your next event.

Great Service

Since food is such an important aspect of any gathering, it can be a stressful proposition to facilitate this for an entire group. With our full-service taco truck catering for parties, you can leave all of the worries to us so you can focus on enjoying the party. Not only do you not have to worry about preparing the food, you do not have to worry about serving it. We can prepare the food beforehand and serve it to your guests, or we can roll out the taco stand and take orders from each and every guest. This option is sure to provide the freshest catering possible. Flexibility is at the heart of all our catering services, because we know that no two events are the same.

Amazing Food from One of the Best Phoenix Area Restaurants

The best service in the world would not mean a whole lot if it was not backed up by incredible food. As one of the best Phoenix area restaurants, our amazing new takes on your southwestern favorites are at the heart of everything we do. It starts as all great food does: with an emphasis on getting the right ingredients and making from scratch everything you possibly can. As with any southwestern cuisine, the tortilla can make or break the entire dish. Our corn tortillas are made from scratch every day and provide the perfect base for the rest of these fantastic ingredients. Fill that tortilla with the most tender slow braised pork, carne asada, tinga chicken, skirt steak, or pastor, followed by any of our 21 fresh ingredients, and you will have some bold and classic flavors. The combinations are up to you, but you should consider some classic Modern Tortilla concoctions like the El Ranchero Taco, featuring that homemade corn tortilla filled with tender skirt steak, white onions, cilantro, chipotle salsa, and fresh lime juice.

Whether it is a wedding, bar mitzvah, birthday, or anything in between, our full-service taco truck catering for parties at Modern Tortilla will take the festivities to the next level. Enjoy this time and your life and leave the amazing food and service to us!


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