Celebrate An Arizona Cinco De Mayo with Modern Tortilla!

There are a lot of holidays taking place every year, but the next one up to plate is definitely in our wheelhouse. As a matter of fact, it is almost like we have been training for this day our whole lives! We are, of course, talking about Arizona Cinco de Mayo, and even if you are planning on spending it as the world intended by drinking as much cerveza or tequila as you can safely handle, make some room in your busy drinking schedule for a visit to Modern Tortilla!

Follow the Food Truck

Starting out a day of fun and craziness will begin properly with a visit to one of our food trucks found all over the Valley of the Sun. Fill up on a taco plate, gorge yourself on our delicious burritos, or pace yourself with a quesadilla; all foods go well with your favorite beer, wine, or tequila. The temperatures won’t reach the most scorching of heights yet, so enjoy an al fresco meal of your favorite Modern Tortilla delights, and then continue your journey of celebration for this most important holiday of the month! (It is in our minds, of course!)

Stay Safe and Cater Your Own Arizona Cinco de Mayo Celebration

With all the major holidays, we always have that major decision to make before a night out on the town. Who is going to be the designated driver, or do we have enough money in our budget for ride share companies to deliver us to each of our chosen destinations for the night? Choosing to stay home and celebrate is always a good idea, and at Cinco de Mayo, hiring Modern Tortilla to cater your grande fiesta ensures that you can get to the good stuff with a minimum of work and effort! Clean your house, buy the alcohol, and concentrate on planning your outfit while we serve up the most delicious tacos in the state! Order up a food truck to park in your cul de sac or take advantage of our drop off catering services and celebrate with just those that mean the most to you and make this Arizona Cinco de Mayo one to remember—or not, depending on how much tequila you enjoy!

Modern Tortilla, Your Helpful Friend!

There is nothing we love more than celebrating a holiday and feeding hungry people, and at Cinco de Mayo, we get to do both! Give us a call today and let’s get this party started.


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