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In life, we are always moving forward. Looking towards the next adventure, the next milestone, the next job, and anticipating how much different, and better, our lives will be when we attain our goals. But sometimes, in the midst of all the forward-thinking, it is nice to look back at the tried and true and take a bit of time to appreciate all we have now. Our health, our family, and tacos from Modern Tortilla all bring a special meaning to our world and in case you have forgotten how much the meals at Modern Tortilla mean to you, checking out these can’t-miss Modern Tortilla menu items will serve to remind you!

Chicken Fajita Quesadilla

Of course, man can not live on tacos alone (or can he?) and our chicken fajita quesadilla is designed to make our mothers feel better about our eating habits! Chock full of peppers and onions, the chicken tinga offers a nod to a less caloric lifestyle while the spinach tortilla in which the cheesy combination is embedded provides an even healthier alternative! The jokes on mom, however, because all the healthiness in this delicious dish is combatted with an intensely delicious flavor, leading to cravings you will be happy to feed!

Southwest Steak Burrito

For those times when you have worked up a large appetite, the southwest steak burrito will never let you down! Offering a hearty mixture of carne asada, sweet corn, cilantro, and a blend of Monterey and cheddar cheeses, artfully rolled up in a chili flour tortilla this beautiful dish is destined to satisfy the largest appetites, especially if you can manage to finish off the chips and salsa that accompanies it!

And Then There are Tacos!

Tacos are moving up the ranks, becoming the number-one hand-held meal in the nation and we can’t help but get excited over the realization! We put our everything into every meal we make, of course, and building the perfect taco is no exception! Starting with our chicken tinga taco made with roasted red peppers and tomatillo salsa, then moving on to our carne asada taco stuffed with white onion, cilantro, and salsa Fresca, each bite is guaranteed to be better than the one before! And because everyone deserves to enjoy a delicious taco (even on days when it is not Taco Tuesday!) our veggie taco invites and encourages the vegetarian in your life to come on over to the taco side!

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