Enjoy A Phoenix Romantic Meal with Us This Valentine’s Day!

Even the most romantic of relationships can always be improved with a bit of spice added to their lives and as Valentine’s Day rolls around once more, a romantic meal enjoyed at Modern Tortilla can provide all the heat you can handle! Skip the stuffy restaurants with high prices, tiny meals, and serving staff that can’t hide their disdain and grabs your best girl (or guy) and head over to one of our Modern Tortilla food trucks for a carefree meal filled with spice and tacos and watches the smile on your special human’s face grow larger as he (or she!) realizes that yes, you DO get him and you would do most anything to prove it! This guide to a Phoenix romantic meal at Modern Tortilla on Valentine’s Day is the perfect example of how to create the perfect date for the love of your life!

The Taco of her Dreams

A beautiful relationship can always be improved upon and over the years we have learned that for the right kind of people, the answer to most of life’s questions will always be tacos! The world has even devoted an entire day of the week to our nation’s favorite “handwich” and chances are your Valentine has already told you about the tacos that haunt her dreams, giving you the opportunity to make her best dreams come true. February is one of the valley’s most beautiful months, staying cool without being too cold, and when you follow your nose to our food trucks, enjoying all the tacos as you sit under blue skies your day will be as close to perfect as possible. Watch how the sun glistens off the silky strands of her hair and be dazzled by the tears of happiness that almost magically appear in her eyes as she takes that first bite of spicy goodness and feels yourself fall deeper in love with each following bite. These are the moments you will tell your grandchildren about decades from now, explaining to them how the sun was shining, the skies were blue, and how you knew that there would never be anyone else that would fill the empty spaces in your heart like the woman sitting across from you; and the tacos she held in her hand!

Making Happy Couples Happier!

We can’t claim that your relationship will last forever since you enjoyed a Valentine’s meal with us but we can say that our tacos, burritos, and quesadillas have been making happy couples even happier since the first day we drove into Phoenix in our colorful food trucks! Stop by Modern Tortilla on Valentine’s Day and find the proof in our tacos!


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