Have Modern Tortilla Cater Your Upcoming Arizona Family Reunion

Summer is, and always has been, a time reserved for families. Long lazy days filled with pool parties and zoo adventures, weekends spent up north in the cool pines of Prescott and Flagstaff, and in some cases, family reunions where extended members pack their bags and find their way to your doorstep for a fun-filled family reunion! It’s always great to get together with the cousins you used to play hide and seek in the cornfields of your youth, making memories that will last a lifetime and if you are the one that escaped the boundaries of the Midwest, introducing them to the delights of your new Southwest hometown will add an extra shot of joy. Especially when you give them a taste of the Valley of the Sun by having Modern Tortilla cater your Arizona family reunion!

The Heat of the Moment

Taco Tuesday has become a nationwide celebration of America’s newest favorite handheld food and although your Kansas cousins have probably devoured many tacos in their lifetime, the authentic taste of Modern Tortilla’s carne asada will create a new obsession! We offer multiple catering styles, including a drop-off service that will allow you and your family to devour all the tacos you want, enjoying an intimate gathering without any strangers listening in to the stories of your misbegotten youth. If you really want to impress your Aunt Gladys from Arkansas, however, and you have the space, our full-sized food trucks add excitement to the family reunion experience! Also offering a fully catered event with buffet, chef-manned action stations, and more ways to show your family how much you love and miss them! The final service we offer lies somewhere between the food truck and the drop-off service, our taco carts. Small enough to fit into your backyard, yet providing the large taste of delicious tacos, your family will never complain after eating their fill!

The Importance of Family

The cousins who were our first playmates, our aunts and uncles who taught us the importance of dad jokes and non-judgment, and our grandparents who really exhibited unconditional love are all important in who we have become today and we at Modern Tortilla recognize that importance and will take special care with the meals we create for your Arizona family reunion! Give us a call at (602) 848-8823 or contact us for a free quote by filling out the form you see on the right side of our page!


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