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When we were growing up, our favorite day of the year was not Christmas or Halloween or even the last day of school—although all those dates were definitely in the running! No, our favorite day of every year was one that was spent entirely devoted to our wants, needs, and wishes; of course, that day was our birthday! There was no greater wonder in life than being celebrated simply for being born, and today, more years later than we care to talk about, we still feel a simple joy in having a birthday. If your birthday is coming up and you feel, like we do, that the world should stop what it is doing and celebrate you, we at Modern Tortilla would like to join in the fun as we give you the BEST birthday with our birthday catering services!

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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Even if you are unwilling to share your age (it is just a number!), there is no way you are going to spend this day of you alone, and a party with all your loved ones is the perfect way to celebrate. What makes this party even more special, you ask? Sitting back, enjoying the company of family and friends, and devouring tacos that someone else prepared is our answer! Everyone’s favorite day of the week is Taco Tuesday, and the ones we prepare are guaranteed to make your day more special than it already is. Created with the freshest of ingredients, our tacos are made with slow braised pork (the Modern Mayan), beef skirt steak that is marinated for 24 hours (El Ranchero), and juicy chicken tinga (Flew the Coop). We also offer a build your own taco bar, allowing the birthday boy or girl the opportunity to create a masterpiece that will make this day even more fantastic and memorable as you build a taco that will change the lives of mankind; ok, probably not, but it will definitely seem that way!

And because man does not want to live on tacos alone (or does he?) our food truck catering menu includes burritos, quesadillas, and a yummy appetizer menu that offers the traditional Mexican dish of summer, elote, on its list of deliciousness. Your day will be one that you so richly deserve as you are surrounded by people who love and adore you, receiving gifts, and enjoying a feast of tacos!

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