St Patrick’s Day Catering from Modern Tortilla

If you were to ask us what our favorite color is on any normal day of the week, chances are our answers would cover a rainbow of colors and even include black and white! On March 17th, however, the world comes to an agreement that only one color will suffice: any and all shades of green! St. Patrick’s Day unites the world with the promise of green beer, yummy food, and a big party, and if you’re planning a shamrock celebration of your own, why not let us cater the food so you can relax, socialize, and enjoy the libations? Check out what we have to offer for St Patrick’s Day catering.

Who Says Tacos Can’t Be Irish

Why can’t tacos be considered Irish? St. Patrick’s Day falls on Taco Tuesday this year, after all, and it’s as if it was destined to be so! Our build your own taco bars can be tweaked with a touch of green; limes add a zesty zing to your favorite meat, while avocados are the answers to every question of the day! Elote with cilantro-lime mayo, cotija cheese, and paprika offers a taste of the green that accentuates the meaning of the day! Steak burritos offer a fiery taste that out-flavors corned beef any day. And as you and your guests drink all the green beer and margaritas they can handle, we’ll be setting up and cleaning up—if you order our full-service catering, of course! Just imagine waking up the next day, the only evidence of shenanigans the leftover drinks and perhaps some stragglers sleeping it off on your sofa! St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest parties of the year, and yours will be remembered for the innovative choice of food and beverages, in addition to your excellent hosting skills, of course!

The Best Part?

Modern Tortilla uses the freshest locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and you will be able to taste the difference in every bite! And while boiled meat and veggies is perfectly acceptable for some people, once you’ve tried our fiery flavors, you’ll never go back to corned beef!

Just a Few Weeks Away

This year is flying by at super-sonic speed, so don’t wait too long! Give us a call today and add a South of the Border flavor to your shamrock celebration!


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