Stop At Modern Tortilla For A Back To School Meal

As you watch your child climb the steps of the big yellow school bus, heading off to another day of learning and socializing adventures, you may find yourself with mixed feelings. Whether you work outside the home and have spent the summer fielding a million “Mom, he hit me, Mom, there is nothing to eat, Mom, can I go to the mall?” phone calls and texts, or are a stay-at-home parent who spent the summer trying to find ways to keep the littles entertained, you are probably dancing with glee as soon as the bus is out of sight. But knowing that that brave little soldier is off to spend his or her day facing troubles you can’t protect them from and temptations that you hope you taught them to avoid, can make you feel sad at the same time. This is why we think planning a back-to-school meal at Modern Tortilla can help on all levels! Meet them at the bus stop with your car and a plan and whisk them off to the nearest Modern Tortilla food truck for what can become a regular addition to your schoolyear itinerary!

Every Day is Taco Day!

You may not have been born and raised in the Valley of the Sun, but chances are your kiddos were and everyone knows that tacos are fast becoming our nation’s favorite handheld, especially in the Southwest! Modern Tortilla has long been the spot for tacos, burritos, and quesadillas almost since the first time our colorful food trucks rolled into the Phoenix Metropolitan Area! Nothing says love louder than a spicy taco and of course, a big helping of chips and salsa, and if you really want to say I love you with actions, why not consider dropping by in the middle of the school day and checking your favorite student out for a lunch and a chat session that will help build up the bonds between you? We can’t help but worry about what goes on whenever our children are out of sight and these stolen moments can be the ones in which your littles share secrets that they may otherwise keep hidden deep inside and opening up the lines of communication is always a little easier when accompanied by a delicious taco!

Back To School is More Fun With Modern Tortilla

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