Summer Flavors to Love from Modern Tortilla

Summer can be a mixed blessing for the desert dwellers of the world. Longer days and lazy vacation weeks are all great, but when the mercury rises above the century mark, we do tend to think longingly of the cooler days of winter! And as we shed useless layers of clothing, spend more time in the pool, and less time out of the air conditioning, it’s very likely our food tastes will change as well! Heartier meals sit heavy in our stomachs and we find ourselves turning to lighter dishes to sate our hunger, but as there are only so many salads a human to eat, we have discovered that tacos are the answers to most of our cravings! When you find yourself craving a taste of summer flavors, head on over to one of our Modern Tortilla food trucks and savor the taste of the tacos we do so well!

Angling for Appetizers?

Although tacos are a favorite every season of the year, during the summer months you may prefer something smaller, and our appetizer menu is the perfect place to find what you are looking for! Our chicken flautas made with braised chicken, served in a lightly fried flour tortilla and topped with shredded cheddar cheese, tomatillo salsa, and Mexican crema are destined to be the meal you crave all season long!

Dreaming About Taco Tuesday Every Day of the Week!

To be absolutely honest, we are unable to think of a single time when we have heard someone say, “Nah, it’s just too hot for tacos!” Whether it’s 115 degrees and the sun is beating down relentlessly or the temperatures have dropped to 100 degrees with 95 percent humidity and we are walking through air so thick you can almost see it, tacos are what we all dream about! Modern Tortilla’s tacos are especially delicious and come in a variety of flavors, including the Modern Mayan with braised pork, the El Ranchero with beef skirt steak, and our summer favorite, Flew the Coop! Starring our famous chicken tinga, this taco is one you will find yourself returning for time and time again!

Quench Your Thirst with Our Summer Flavors

We all know the importance of staying hydrated, especially in the heat of summer, and as such, our ice-cold bottled waters will be flying off the shelves. But rest assured, for those who love something sweet to quench their thirst, bottled and canned sodas are available, as is that south of the border favorite, horchata!

Can’t Stop Thinking About Those Tacos Now?

Stop by today and enjoy the taste of summer with a refreshing taco from Modern Tortilla!



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