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In a perfect world it would be Taco Tuesday every day, but in Arizona, it almost is! Of course, we save some days for burritos and quesadillas, and weekends are definitely meant for crème-filled churros, but the humble taco has almost become our state dish. (Technically the chimichanga is Arizona’s official state food, but tacos are close enough!) And now that we are entering the last months of the year, the months when we can go out without risking heatstroke and third-degree burns, our celebrations move outside so we can bask in the weather! The holidays are coming at us faster than the Grand Canyon Railway’s Polar Express making its way to the North Pole, and nothing will make you and your party guests happier than our Modern Tortilla taco cart catering options in Arizona.

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Choices Are Important

We live in a world with many decisions being made for us, so a party where the guests are free to choose to build their own tacos in any way they please is guaranteed to be a smash hit, as it frees up your time to clean your house and concentrate on your outfit! Our tacos offer the tortillas, the meats, and all the fixings you can handle, and as you do the monster mash with your grandpa, count your blessings with all your family members, or make merry with friends and family, your guests can take their time preparing tacos they will dream about long after the celebration has ended. Gather around the taco cart discussing the choices made before building your own and eventually you will know what you want on your favorite handheld delight, without anyone pressuring to “just take what it given!” Offering a selection of meats, tortillas, cheese, and toppings the taco of your dreams is right there, on the edges of your imagination, just waiting to be discovered, and when you do build it, you may want to have a notebook nearby so you can write down the toppings you chose and the order you constructed those toppings, allowing you to build your perfect taco anytime you please!

Simply Wonderful

The best part of our taco cart catering option is how easy it is to feed the people you love. Simply order the taco cart, choose your toppings, and move on with confidence and joy, knowing this party will be one that everyone talks about for months to come. Put in your order today!

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