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Flagstaff Taco Cart

Flagstaff Taco Cart

We understand that there are some terrific places to eat in Flagstaff, but if you are looking for a catering service that will follow you every step of the way in your special event planning, there is no one better than Modern Tortilla. Our catering team is ready to take care of your event with our delicious food and friendly service. If you are looking to host a backyard party or smaller event, we have just the right Flagstaff tacos and catering service for you with our taco cart. This option makes it easy to get tasty food to all of your hungry guests. Take a look below at how our taco cart in Flagstaff is a step above the rest:

Taco Cart Done Right

There are plenty of catering companies out there to choose from when planning for your Flagstaff event. However, most of them serve bland food and only have one or two options for how to serve your food. At Modern Tortilla, we think it is important that you have plenty of options from which to choose. One of the most popular options for our clients has been ordering one of our taco carts. This mobile cart can come to your party and serve up incredibly delicious food on the go. Its smaller in size than our standard food truck, making sure it does not take up much room at the event. One of our taco chefs will be on hand creating each taco made to order. You will not find any old and stale food but instead hot and ready to eat tacos. We will bring the taco cart right up the mountain to you in Flagstaff.

More to Choose from with Flagstaff Tacos

There is no one out there who will say they absolutely hate tacos. They are extremely easy to eat and taste even better. You will find that our taco cart comes filled with our delicious Flagstaff Mexican food found on our food truck menu. This includes our Modern Mayan, a fan favorite here in Phoenix with slow braised pork covered in achiote and topped off with fresh avocado, roasted tomato, pineapple, pickled red onion, garlic, and cotija cheese, all nestled in a house made corn tortilla. The second option found in our taco carts is the El Ranchero and it’s 24-hour marinated skirt steak; this juicy taco is topped off with fresh lime juice, cilantro, white onions, and chipotle salsa also nestled in a house made corn tortilla. Our final taco option our catering services have to offer is the Flew the Coop, a unique taco with shredded tinga chicken that was stewed in roasted sweet corn, roasted bell peppers, chipotle, cinnamon, and salsa verde. Each of these taco varieties are served street style, meaning they are smaller versions. Don’t worry, each serving from our taco cart comes with more than just a single taco so your guests will leave full and satisfied. We only use fresh ingredients inside each taco, making sure each bite is just as delicious as the last. We hope Flagstaff is ready for this incredible selection of fresh and tasty tacos that will knock your socks off!

Of course, you can always order a few tacos and feel satisfied; others may want a full meal to indulge themselves. Our taco cart can take care of any type of guest by serving up some tasty sides to go with your tacos. This includes our Spanish rice that uses our unique blend of spices and is made fresh every day. If you want a little crunch with your meal, order the chips with fire roasted salsa that also adds a little heat. Both of these sides are also available in the Flagstaff taco cart. For dessert, the crème filled churros offers a crunch and sweet treat to end your meal with. Who knew so much can be found in a single taco cart?

Additional Catering Options in Flagstaff

Our taco cart is not the only catering service found for those living in Flagstaff. You can also choose from our additional options that includes our food truck. The truck can set up at your event, taking orders of Flagstaff tacos from guests whenever they get hungry. This allows us to serve up even more food such as our burritos and quesadillas. Another way to get our catering services is with our taco bar. This great way lets us break down the tacos so your guests can create a meal for themselves. Pick whichever catering service will match your Flagstaff event!

More Fun with Modern Tortilla

As you can see, we offer a variety of exciting ways to get our tasty tacos and more. Book your catering today and see your special event be the best it can be.


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