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Strawberry Taco Cart

Strawberry Taco Cart

When it comes to planning any kind of special event, you may find yourself struggling to arrive at the perfect meal option. Catering vendors can be found all over the place, but you may be disappointed in their selection for your meal. This can be especially true for those in Northern Arizona where they are not close enough to the Phoenix Valley. If you are located in Strawberry, we can still offer our incredible catering services, including our taco cart, for your party. Our incredible Strawberry tacos and wonderful service team will make your special event one to remember. Take a look at how our taco cart will make the difference:

Top Service from Our Taco Cart in Strawberry

Here at Modern Tortilla, we want to make sure residents of Northern Arizona still have access to incredible catering services. We understand that by having limited options you may end up not looking forward to your event after all. Our mobile taco cart can be on hand serving up our delicious menu to your guests. The cart can serve up delicious tacos as they are ordered. One of our taco chefs will be there too so you do not have to worry about finding someone to man the cart. Our taco cart is the perfect option for those hosting a backyard party or having a smaller event. The taco cart comes with plenty of food inside so you will not have to worry about running out. If you live in Strawberry, you probably enjoy the beautiful weather every day, so having a taco cart on hand for your outdoor event is the perfect choice.

Delicious Strawberry Tacos and More

As the name suggests, our taco cart catering service serves up tasty tacos and plenty more. You will be amazed at how much food we can fit inside to ensure every one of your guests are served our tasty food. This includes all of the taco varieties we include on our food truck menu that you won’t find in any other restaurants in Strawberry. The first up on the menu we serve is the Modern Mayan. This incredibly tasty taco features a slow braised pork in achiote, garlic, roasted tomato, pineapple, pickled red onion, fresh avocado, and cotija cheese inside our house made corn tortilla. The next up on the list is the El Ranchero taco that is a steak lover’s dream. This delicious taco comes with 24-hour marinated skirt steak that comes with cilantro, white onions, fresh lime juice, and chipotle salsa also inside one of our house-made corn tortillas. Last but certainly not least on the menu is the Flew the Coop taco. This amazing taco features shredded tinga chicken that is stewed with tomatillos, cinnamon, roasted bell peppers, chipotle, roasted sweet corn, and salsa verde also served in a house made corn tortilla. Each of these tacos is served street taco style so you will be getting more than one when you order from the taco cart. We only use fresh ingredients that are never frozen that you can taste in every bite. We hope the residents of Strawberry are ready for the incredible flavor and freshness of these delicious tacos.

We also want to make sure guests of your Strawberry special event have access to our tasty sides too. Our taco cart will be able to serve up our two delicious sides without issue. The two sides you can add to your tacos include our Spanish rice that is made with our unique blend of spices. The chips with fire roasted salsa is another no brainer and adds the perfect crunch. Our taco cart service can easily add these to your guests’ tacos for a full meal. Dessert is never a bad idea either with our crème-filled churros that are a sweet tooth’s dream. We highly recommend you try these incredible sides out for yourself when booking our taco cart service in Strawberry.

Other Catering Specialties

Our taco cart service is just one of many different catering services we offer here at Modern Tortilla. Our catering team can offer different options for all the different event types out there. Larger and outdoor events can benefit from our food truck coming to host. The food truck is able to take orders whenever guests get hungry and make delicious Strawberry tacos and sides right there on the spot. Another great option is having our team make you a taco bar. This can be served buffet style or with one of our taco chefs on hand. We can cater all types of events including birthdays, weddings, rehearsal dinners, bar mitzvahs, and so much more. There is no event too big or small for our team here at Modern Tortilla!

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