The 2023 Super Bowl Is Happening in Arizona – Have Modern Tortilla Cater Your Celebrations!

Psst. We have a secret to share with you, one that probably won’t change your life but will give you something exciting to look forward to after the holidays. Super Bowl LVII is coming to Glendale’s State Farm Stadium on February 12th and the festivities and celebrations leading up to the big event are destined to be legendary! After four times hosting this big event, Phoenix has learned from any previous mistakes made, as have you, with the biggest lesson learned being that you should have Modern Tortilla cater your 2023 Super Bowl party! There are going to be so many events leading up to the big game, so many family members dropping by to be as close to the Super Bowl as possible, you just aren’t going to want to spend any time in the kitchen and why should you? Our tacos, quesadillas, and burritos provide an authentic taste of the valley and when accompanied by LOTS of beers and margaritas, will make your Super Bowl Party the second most talked about event in town!

Multi-Cultural Fun

You can’t live in Arizona for more than a minute without realizing that we are a community that celebrates diversity in culture. One of the major Super Bowl events, the free Fan Fest held at Margaret T. Hance Park, is even planning some multi-cultural fun to help everyone feel welcomed while visiting the Valley of the Sun. As such, it should be of no surprise that your Modern Tortilla catered Super Bowl party will act as a way to introduce those visitors from out of state you are sure to be having to the cultural ways of Mexican food! Instead of drinking games you can play eating games; every time one of the teams does a victory dance in the end zone, eat a taco! You may be full at the end of the game, but you will definitely be happy as well. Make your Super Bowl party one the entire neighborhood will be talking about by ordering up one of our full-sized food trucks, or keep it simple and try out our drop-off catering services as you wait for the kick-off! There is no wrong way to enjoy this event, just many delicious options to enjoy! Set up your 2023 Super Bowl party of the century by ordering our catering services today.


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