Turn Taco Tuesday into Fiesta Friday with Modern Tortilla

If we had our way every night of the week would be a special one, and although we at Modern Tortilla can’t change the way the world works, we can add to your week’s adventures! As fall takes the valley by storm, there is already Monday Night Football, Taco Tuesdays, and Saturday night date nights, but we think there needs to be another night that will make your heart sing and we are proposing that you all participate in Fiesta Fridays! You have reached the end of yet another long work week, the weekend stretches out before you as a golden expanse of wonderful, and you need something to articulate that it has officially begun, so let’s hear it for Fiesta Fridays!

No Rules, Just Good Food

As you remove the tight and restricting garments that come along with business and slip into your coziest loungewear, the bag of tacos, enchiladas, and crème filled churros sit on the table, their spicy scents wafting through your home as a reminder that Fiesta Friday has FINALLY arrived. You could have enjoyed the foods while sitting outside our food trucks, reveling in the 80-degree temperatures that remind you fall has arrived, but you have been dreaming of the moment you slip out of your pumps all day, so Fiesta Friday will take place in the comfort of your living room! That first bite of your el ranchero taco serves as a promise that this weekend will be the best weekend and because there are no rules to this new special day, you may even decide to make the crème filled churros the first bite of the night!

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Order extra and invite a few friends over for margaritas and the Modern Mayan, turning up the music playing on your favorite Spotify channel and laughing happily through this, the first night of your favorite time of the week! Let the kids stay up late and turn the channels to Cartoon Network, laughing at your old favorites as you bite into steak burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and churros. Fridays were probably already your favorite day of the week, but when you throw a fiesta filled with your favorite foods, well, it just gets even better!

Make Every Friday a Fiesta

Every Friday deserves to be a Fiesta Friday, so be sure and stop by Modern Tortilla each week!

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