3 Reasons to Hire Modern Tortilla for Holiday Winter Catering

As the holidays approach once again, many are reminded of all the things we love about this season and all the things we absolutely hate! For example, we love the decorating, the parties, and taking the time out of our busy lives to see and be thankful for the friends and family we love so much. What is hated, however, is the cleaning, shopping, and cooking that accompanies all the things that we love. It’s a twisted world, and we are all taught we must take the good with the bad. Unless, of course, these three reasons convince you to hire Modern Tortilla to cater your winter holiday event! We can’t help with the house cleaning and shopping, but we can at least take one burden off your shoulders in a very delicious way with our winter catering!

You Deserve a Break

Entertaining is exhausting. From the first glimmer of the idea that you should throw a party to the preparations involved to the clean-up at the end of the night, you as the host or hostess do not get a moment’s rest. Wouldn’t it be nice to take some extra time to yourself before the guests get there? And even better, how satisfying will it be to be able to eat your meal with your guests while it’s still hot? Yes, that’s what we thought; the idea of using Modern Tortilla for your winter holiday event is starting to look better with each passing second!

Choices are Important with Winter Catering Services

Nothing’s worse than going to a party and discovering that the only meal they serve is something you are allergic to, bad for your medical condition, or you simply just don’t like that type of dish! We at Modern Tortilla believe in choices, and that means you don’t just get to choose between full-service or drop-off service, but if you choose our build your own taco bar for your special event, your guests get to choose the tastes they love the most as well!

When You Live in Arizona

Your guests will want authentic Southwestern food, and you can’t get more authentic than the tacos, burritos, and quesadillas we serve! Our dishes are created from locally-sourced foods whenever possible, but even more than that, they bring the spice and flavor that we’ve all learned to crave! Anyone can serve casseroles and calamari, but only the smartest hosts offer steak burritos and elote. Admit it, your mouth is already watering!

So Many More Reasons

There are many more reasons that choosing Modern Tortilla for winter catering your holiday event is the right choice, but we’re pretty sure you’re already convinced. Winter is going to be over before you know it, so give us a call at 602-435-7489 and let’s get this party started!

5 Reasons to Stop by Our Tempe Food Truck

Our delicious Tempe food truck has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Once known to provide simple sustenance to construction workers and street workers, today’s food trucks now are known to serve gourmet meals to office workers, soccer moms, and anyone who likes to be adventurous in their food tastes. And if you haven’t sample food truck meals before, Modern Tortilla is the perfect place to start! Here’s a list of the top five reasons you should stop by our Tempe food truck while you’re out and about in the neighborhood.

It’s All About the Food 

The first and best reason is all about the food. Our authentic Southwest meals are tasty, filling, and are guaranteed to hit the spot! We keep it simple, serving tacos, burritos, and quesadillas filled with flavor. Hearty enough to keep you fueled up for another afternoon of paperwork and phone calls, but healthy enough not to make you feel the need for a nap, our Modern Tortilla Tempe food truck is as close to perfect as you can find!

You’re in a Hurry? Come at our Tempe food truck!

Food trucks are designed for people on the go, and even though we serve it fast and hot, we never skimp on quality! Using only the freshest local ingredients, our Southwest Savories never disappoint, allowing you to fill up quick and get where you need to go. Eat it here or take it with you back to your desk; your afternoon meetings, classes, or playdates with your kids won’t seem as torturous when you fill up with a Smoky Chipotle Taco first!

We’re Not Your Father’s Food Truck

At one time, food trucks were only frequented by the starving and the desperate. Serving questionable foods at low prices, early workers got what they paid for. Today, however, the food isn’t just delicious; the ingredients we use to create our dishes are fresh, healthy, and still reasonably priced!

Our Crème-Filled Churros Will Change Your Life

Yes, you heard us right: Our churros are crème-filled, and if this is your first time trying one, you’ll have to wonder why not ALL churros are served this way! The warm and crunchy cinnamon outside complements the soft and creamy inside in all the right ways. Even if you don’t have time for a full meal, you should always make time for our churros that you can get in our Tempe food truck.

It’s Tuesday and You’re Hungry

Sometimes the simplest reasons are the best reasons as to why you should visit our Tempe Modern Tortilla food truck, so the next time you’re in Tempe and you feel the urge for a taco, follow the scent to scrumptious—we’ll make your stomach smile!

Thomas D’Ambrosio on AZCentral as one of the Foodies here in AZ making Great Food!

AZCentral names our very own Thomas D’Ambrosio as a foodie here in the valley making a cooking delicious food. Born and raised in Arizona, Thomas D’Ambrosio went on to complete training at the Culinary Institute of America in New York before bringing his skills back to the Phoenix area and starting the Aioli Gourmet Burgers food truck.

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Kyle Hollenbeck featured on VoyagePhoenix

One of the Co Creators of Modern Tortilla gets featured on VoyagePhoenix! See what answers he gives when asked about how he started his businesses up and what he went through to be so passionate.

Kyle: Aioli Gourmet Burgers was created by three lifelong friends. Michael, Chef Tom, and I. I had a heavy sales background, Michael was a finance major and Chef Tom was a Culinary Institute of American Grad. We started with one food truck and have grown to three trucks and now our restaurant on 32nd St and Shea.

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Winner 2 Geeks Who Eat

On April 7, 2016, Scottsdale and her eight sister cities will be experiencing the culture and cuisine of various happy hours around the world.

Presented by Scottsdale League for the Arts, take a global tour with Happy Hours Around the World, on April 7, 2016 between 7 & 10 PM. This event will be taking place at Saguaro Scottsdale with Scottsdale Sister Cities Association as a partner and sponsored by Merestone. This event will allow guests to enjoy decorated stations that represent a certain country. They will be able to experience the culture of each destination, ranging from the Alps of Interlaken, Switzerland to Alamos, Mexico.

Music & Participants

After receiving stamps for their passport from each location they visit, guests will be able to redeem two complimentary tickets for the Scottsdale Culinary Festival which takes place on April 16-17. In keeping with the theme, DJ Dan Bare will be spinning both popular music as well as music from different countries around the world. Many restaurants will be participating in this event, including Everybody Loves Fondue, Frites Street, Inchin’s Bamboo Garden, and our very own Modern Tortilla. They will each be providing regional dishes for all guests to taste and enjoy. Along with the food and DJ Dan Bare, there will also be other performances such as Moroccan belly dancers, Irish step dancers, and also a Kenyan drum circle, among other enjoyable events.


Guests that are eager to enjoy beverages from around the world will be able to sip on Coopers from Australia, Moosehead from Canada, 3 Amigos margaritas from Mexico, Chai tea from Kenya, as well as mint tea from Morocco, and so much more. This is sponsored by Hensley. Tickets to this event are $50 online, $60 at the door, and include unlimited food and drink samples. The location is The Saguaro Scottsdale, at 4000 N Drinkwater Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ, 85251. A portion of the proceeds for this event will go to the Scottsdale Sister Cities Association, which is a non-profit citizen diplomacy network that strengthens and creates partnerships between the U.S. and international communities. Another portion of the proceeds will be to support the Scottsdale League for the Arts, in order to promote the arts as well as art education.

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Featured in Phoenix New Times

Phoenix New Times put the spotlight on Modern Tortilla during the week, check out what they had to say!

Recognizable from Aioli Burger truck, Chef Tom D’Ambrosio is striving hard for success by opening a new mobile eater with his partner Kyle Hollenbeck. In January 2016, the two decided to open Modern Tortilla. Wanting to provide something new and different, they place emphasis on making as much as they can by hand or from scratch. Even their masa and corn tortillas are made from scratch. Not only do they offer the standard corn tortilla, but they also offer a variety of others, to include a chipotle and lime scented tortilla, a cilantro infused tortilla, and others. All of which complement the taco fillings quite well.

There are a multitude of taco selections to be had from Modern Tortilla. For a mere $8, customers can get two tacos with three toppings per taco, as well as a side. Each taco offers a choice of three tortilla types, four meats (pork pastor, chicken cochinita pibil, beef skirt steak, or lime scented cod), and any selection of three out the 21 toppings selection. You can choose from chicharons to pickled mustard seeds, and so much more! If it’s something sweet you’re looking for, they offer home-made churros with dulce de leche as well as home-made flan. What you can expect from Modern Tortilla is delicious street food that is a little different, but doesn’t detract from the original Mexican flare.