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Summer Flavors to Love from Modern Tortilla

Summer can be a mixed blessing for the desert dwellers of the world. Longer days and lazy vacation weeks are all great, but when the mercury rises above the century mark, we do tend to think longingly of the cooler days of winter! And as we shed useless layers of clothing, spend more time in


Weekly Meal Menu

The pandemic has brought a lot of change to our world as we shelter in place and practice social distancing, but we are slowly learning how to adapt to these temporary changes. We expand our horizons as the walls close in around us with virtual tours of the great museums in the world, we finally


Stay Warm with a Hot and Fresh Meal from Modern Tortilla

This morning, an unusual thing happened to some of us at Modern Tortilla. We woke up as normal, went about our morning business pretty much the same, and then, when we went outside, all semblance of normalcy ended. The sky was gray, wet stuff was falling to the ground, and our bodies began to shiver!

About Us

Menu Spotlight: The Steak Quesadilla

Born and raised right here in Arizona, most of our Modern Tortilla staff has grown up on the simple joys of tacos and quesadillas, while the rest of the world is more familiar with grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwiches. That just makes us sad. Once you’ve tasted the explosion of flavor that accompanies a


A Customer Favorite of Our Taco Truck in Phoenix: The Modern Mayan

Here at Modern Tortilla we are continuing our customary tradition of making incredible Mexican food with only the freshest of ingredients. Each dish we create starts from what we enjoy eating, and we make sure to pass on our favorite flavors to you. If you have yet to try something from our delicious menu, now

Meal Prep - Still Open
We are offering weekly meals available for delivery or pick up click here to view the menu, click here to view the menu. Please Email if you have any questions.